I’m glad you came to visit. I’m Sheri Cobb South, author of more than twenty novels in a variety of genres ranging from Regency romance to young adult to historical mystery.

My "old school" romantic suspense novel, Moon over the Mediterranean, is open for nominations into Kindle's Scout program from February 1 to March 3! If it's selected for publication in the Kindle Scout program, everyone who nominated it will be able to download the ebook for free! To cast your vote, as well as read an excerpt, follow this link. Please share this link, and let your friends know how they could win a free ebook!

In 1961, young schoolteacher Robin Fletcher is delighted to accompany her widowed aunt on a cruise from Barcelona to Venice—a voyage whose ports of call include some of the great cities of Europe. On her first night at sea, Robin is awakened by the moonlight flooding through her stateroom window. When she goes up on deck to admire the view, she observes one of her fellow passengers throwing something off the stern of the ship. Thus begins a series of strange incidents, each more bewildering, and more terrifying, than the last: a quarrel overheard among the ruins of Pompeii, the only word of which Robin can understand is her own name; an attempted assault in Istanbul’s exotic Grand Bazaar; and, finally, a terrifying confrontation amidst the romantic and mysterious canals of Venice. And through it all there is Markos, the ship’s enigmatic photographer, who seems to know more than he’s telling. By the time the trip is over, will the voyage have changed Robin’s life—or ended it?

Coming in March, FOR DEADER OR WORSE, Book 6 in the John Pickett mystery series!

For Deader or Worse

"Affairs of the heart, both honorable and ignoble, take center stage in South's touching sixth Regency-era mystery...[Especially] winning is the depiction of a marriage made not for family or financial advantage but for true love, and the deepening of that love amid all manner of obstacles." --Publishers Weekly

In the meantime, there's a John Pickett short story available for free download. "I'll See You in My Dreams" picks up about two days after Too Hot to Handel leaves off, and offers readers a glimpse into the lives of the (very) newly married John and Julia Pickett. Download in EPUB or MOBI formats for your e-reader, or as a PDF you can print out or read right off your computer.

The John Pickett mysteries are coming out in audio! John Pickett, Mr. Colquhoun, and yes, even Julia, Lady Fieldhurst, are brought vividly to life by the amazing Joel Froomkin--who won an Earphones Award from Audiofile for his work on the prequel novella, Pickpocket's Apprentice! To download (or just to enjoy the samples of his voice work), click on the links below. Or read an interview with Joel here.