I’m glad you came to visit. I’m Sheri Cobb South, author of more than twenty novels in a variety of genres ranging from Regency romance to young adult to historical mystery.

The John Pickett mystery series is proceeding apace, with Too Hot to Handel (the one I’ve been looking forward to ever since the series began!) being released this year. Unfortunately, the original publication date of March has been pushed back to June. I had no say in this decision, but I felt so bad for readers who were left hanging at the end of Dinner Most Deadly that I wrote a new John Pickett novella, Waiting Game, to come out about the time Too Hot to Handel should have. It’s not strictly necessary to read this one to understand what’s happening in the next book, but it does give readers a glimpse at how John Pickett and Julia, Lady Fieldhurst are coping during the three-month gap between the end of Dinner Most Deadly and the beginning of Too Hot to Handel.

Dinner Most Deadly

The audio edition of The Weaver Takes a Wife, is now available, narrated by professional voice actor Noah Michael Levine. (And yes, he does Ethan Brundy's accent, along with many others!) You can listen to a 3-minute sample by clicking HERE.